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Traditional Venetian Carnival MaskDisabled people insist, “I am not one of those scammers.”

I am routinely assured by clients that they really need the help of Social Security disability benefits.   But then, almost to a person, I am told the most trivial of ailments to explain why the help is needed.

I am no longer surprised by this, but I am consistently amazed.

Human beings’ egos are fragile.   None of us easily admit our weaknesses, failings, and vulnerabilities – sometimes not even to those with whom we are intimate.

Disabled people are no different.

Even when a disabled person is trying to prove he or she is disabled, it is incredibly difficult to tell others – intimates, acquaintances, neighbors, doctors, federal agencies – the real reasons why.   Embarrassment and shame are primal.

This basic fact leads many to believe that people claiming and receiving Social Security disability benefits … are just another one of those scammers … when nothing could be further from the truth.