About the author – Julia Mariani

Julia Mariani is a graduate of Washington University School of Law.   She was in private practice as a Social Security disability, and Supplemental Security Income attorney from 1999 until the summer of 2016.  In the summer of 2016, Ms. Mariani was hired by the Social Security Administration to serve as an Administrative Law Judge. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Mariani was a professional sign language interpreter, and freelance writer.

Since becoming an Administrative Law Judge, Ms. Mariani has not posted on the DunkTank. All opinions and observations were and are hers alone, and do not reflect those of the Social Security Administration. Any future postings will be hers alone, and not those of the Social Security Administration.


2 thoughts on “About the author – Julia Mariani

  1. Rachael Taylor

    Your blog provided the refreshment i so desperately need! Do you have any suggestions on how to use tech programs/software (I.e.microsoft, etc) to maximize efficiency and doc management within a disability practice, especially concerning paperless workflow. I’d highly appreciate any recommendations for a small practice (2attorneys and 1 case manager) that does not already have any management software due to a restricted budget.

    1. disabilitydunktank Post author

      Thank you. I’m so pleased to hear that the blog is helpful to you. I have been on a hiatus for a few months, but plan to get back to writing soon. Email me off list, perhaps, for disability practice management. Thanks again!


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