Thankful for what I have not

images[6]I used to be thankful for what I have, for the positives – for the people I love; the things I have; the skills I’ve acquired … the many, many good times and memories I have racked up … … for my innumerable advantages.

I have learned from working with disabled people also to be thankful for what I have not – thankful for the diseases and disorders I do not have; the injurious events and experiences I have not endured; the painful memories I do not carry … … that I have been spared innumerable disadvantages.

3 thoughts on “Thankful for what I have not

  1. Kathleen Smith

    So very, very true. When you do what we do and hear the stories we hear, it really forces you to examine your own life and realize how much we take for granted. You said it so well; sometimes there are things we don’t have and should be thankful we don’t , such as waking up everyday in pain or going to sleep every night with nightmares. I am also thankful for you and your posts! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. disabilitydunktank Post author

      Thanks! When I started to do this work representing disabled people, I just couldn’t believe how much more appreciative it made me. Just one of the perks!

      And I am terribly thankful for readers and commenters on the Dunk Tank. I appreciate you very much!

  2. David

    Indeed. After meeting with a client, I was just thinking how nice it is NOT to have peripheral neuropathy in my fingers. I hate having a small cut with a bandage and the minor hassle that presents doing dishes, typing, or writing. But to have unreliable use of my hands would devastate all aspects of my life. Such a simple but terrible symptom, and I’m thankful I don’t have it!


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