Monthly Archives: July 2013

Long time listener, first time blogger …

scales of justice graphicFor fourteen years I represented disabled people as they endeavored to prove to the Social Security Administration they are eligible to receive disability benefits.  The process is painful for claimants, and misunderstood by the public.

When I close my office at the end of each day I often flip on the radio and, more and more, I hear stories about how awful the Social Security Disability program is – how the people filing claims are frauds, cheats, scammers, ne’er-do-wells – worthless people who choose to sit on their duffs allowing hard-working taxpayers to pay their bills while they just … skate.  I hear how the Social Security Administrative Law Judges are “lax” and are pressured by the Administration to grant disability to people who do not meet the rules as set forth in the statute.  I hear how attorneys are becoming fabulously wealthy on the backs of the disabled.  I cringe at the misinformation.

This blog is my effort to tell another side of the story – the side of the story that would be told by disabled people, by the attorneys representing them, and by the many hard-working and worthy Social Security workers – including judges – trying to get it right.